Copter Image Data Processing Workflow

Photogrammetric workflow:

  1. Photoscan data processing (photogrammetric workflow) –
    1. Processing to point cloud level (high accuracy alignment, dense point cloud calculation) (this usually takes very long if you use the “ultra high” quality option – but this is the only way to use the full resolution of your original image data – the “High” quality level down samples to 1/4 of the image size),
    2. optional Chunk calibration and point cloud merging (if you worked with more than one point cloud)
    3. optional LAS point cloud export and point cloud transformation in LASTools,
      1. (Mean terrain height can be offset or negative),
    4. Export to UTM projected and processed ortho data sets,
    5. DSM extrapolation using LAStoolss – export to 16Bit height raster model,
    6. DTM calculation using LAStoolss
  2. Multispectral/Point Cloud data processing in Trimble OBIA software “eCognition” and/or PCI Geomatica (specialized commercial Earth observation software packages).
  3. Point Cloud visualization
  4. Point Cloud Analysis