Late October ’19 Flight Campaign in the Hainich NP

Cold air and short illumination time frame – thats what dominated the flight campaign at the 31st of October 2019 in the Hainich National Park. Originally flights on all test sites were planned but this was hardly possible in this short time frame without enough light. So I covered the Huss area and the West […]

Wild Boar Damage Mapping in Maize Fields

As part of the disturbance mapping project we captured 300 ha of maize field area to investigate wild boar damages in the direct neighborhood of the Hainich National park area – a cooperation of the Earth observation department of FSU Jena, DLR Jena and NLPV Hainich. Wild boar damage mapping in agricultural areas – the […]

Flying for the Beech Trees

Within the last few weeks we have been busy together with DLR Jena (Dr. C. Thiel) creating ortho mosaic coverages from Phantom 4 Pro data for various regions in the Hainich National parc area covering approximately 400ha area. The undisturbed forested area of the Hainich National parc seems to undergo some severe changes. The beech […]

Geodäten “erobern” den Luftraum

Naja der Titel ist etwas schräg, aber das Meeting war klasse, wer will kann die Konferenz-Proceedings jetzt hier herunterladen:   “Unbemannte Luftfahrzeuge (engl. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, UAV) haben in den letzten Jahren zur Erweiterung des Aufgabenspektrums und einer effizienteren Erfüllung von geodätischen Aufgaben beigetragen. Eine Vielzahl an UAV-Systemen ist inzwischen verfügbar. UAV sind Gegenstand […]

UAVg 2019 ahead

UAVg 2019 is ahead – Enschede – The Netherlands     “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have become a popular instrument for a wide range of emerging applications such as mapping, search & rescue, infrastructure monitoring, precision farming, transportation, just to mention some of them. The UAV market has overcome 130 B$ value in the last […]

The ICAO legend

For those not too familiar with the ICAO maps – its nice to have this overview at hand sometimes:  The full PDF is available here:  

Phantom 4 Pro – lens flare issues

Some more tests with the Phantom 4 Pro: one major “issue” with this system for stills / photography is imo clearly the flare sensitivity of the lens/sensor combination. The into the sun shots just capture a lot of flare and the sun star is very much Samyang 14mm like. This is an issue and it […]