Die EU Drohnenverordnung

Die neue EU Drohnenverordnung ist in Kraft getreten. Sie gilt im Prinzip bereits seit 1.1.2021. Was hat sich geändert? Einiges! Nach der neuen Verordnung sind alle derzeit im Betrieb befindlichen Drohnen keine zertifizierten Drohnen. Hier hinkt die Industrie der Verordnung hinterher. Die Verordnung differenziert in der offenen Kategorie “OPEN” nach dem Grad der Gefährdung, der […]

Stand Gap Analysis in the Hainich National Park between 2018 and 2020.

Update with data from the 2020 true ortho photo flight-campaign. These are preliminary results from work for NLPV (the Hainich National Park Administration) to map the stand gap dynamics for the full national park area based on multitemporal canopy height model data analysis (2018 vs 2019 vs 2020). More to follow. Since the strong defoliation […]

UAV Flights in May 2020 over Hainich NP

The first UAV flights of the vegetation period took place this year at the 28th of May. We covered the test areas East of Berka v.d.H. (Burgberg & Eichenberg) and parts of the Zimmerberg area. We also did flights over the region of Hegeberg in the North-East of the national park. Overall we did 14 […]

CIR Airphoto Classification and Planning for 2020

April 2020: Planning for the May flight campaign is in full swing. The test sites will be extended in 2020. Figure below: overview of the 2019 test areas from a presentation at DLR Bonn in 2019. We will extend this to areas in the northern Hainich (Dachsberg) and also covering the private forested areas in […]

Phantom 4 Multispectral (RTK)

DJI did it again – the leading manufacturer of compact “of the shelve” drone solutions modified the Phantom 4 RTK and added a fully integrated multispectral camera. Those that are working with these (micro)multispectral camera systems on small UAV platforms couldnt really believe this news. DJI modified the Phantom 4 RTK (that turned out to […]

SARS-CoV-2 Cartograms

Update 4.4.2020 Cartogram reprojection using county based shapes and recent data from RKI. These maps are quantile classified – not equal interval classified. This clearly changes somehow the color distribution since the local maxima are not visible anymore. Overall this visualization is graphically very appealing – however it needs more attention for the legend to […]

Buchen in Not

A short article about our work in the Hainich National Park area on the beech degradation analysis appeared in the Journal of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena “Lichtgedanken” in Edition 7. You can read the PDF version here: http://www.lichtgedanken.uni-jena.de/magazinmedia/Aktuelle+Ausgabe/Lichtgedanken+07+%E2%80%93+Zukunft+ohne+Wachstum-download-1.pdf or the HTML version here: https://www.lichtgedanken.uni-jena.de/Ausgabe_07_Buchen_in_Not-path-140,5.html There will be also an english language version soon.