Affiliation Change to FU Berlin

For those that have been wondering where I am right now working – I changed to another interims professorship – this time at Free University Berlin at the Institute of Geographical Sciences / Remote Sensing and Geoinformatics Group. Perfect place to work on the drought induced beech mortaility analysis project since the south-west of Berlin is also heavily impacted by this problem. We are also supervising some very cutting edge Master and Bachelor thesis topics in Machine Learning and spectral change analysis in this field this summer. The next vegetation period is just starting and we hope that we can monitor again the situation at various hot spots in Thuringia and Berlin/Brandenburg.

Hainich National Park – stand gap analysis summer 2019 vs summer 2020 – Zimmerberg region (central Hainich National Park). CIR data (UltracamXP and derived Canopy Height Model differencing).

Sören Hese

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